Apple Pressing Service


There is nothing quite like apple juice pressed from your own garden fruit. Not only does it taste better than many of the supermarket brands that are often reconstituted from concentrate but you have the reassurance of knowing exactly what has gone into it. It also means that good fruit is saved from being wasted and that in itself feels good.

So bring your apples to the Donhead orchard and we will press, bottle and pasteurised the juice for you and your family to enjoy over the next year.


How much does the service cost?

We charge a set up fee of £7.50 and then £1.80 per per 750ml of finished juice. For an extra 15p per bottle we can also apply a customised label for you – so they make great gifts for friends and family.


Can I provide my own bottles?

In order to be sure the juice is safely pasteurised and will keep for a year without taint we need to bottle into very clean glasswear. It is possible to reuse bottles if they are brought to us spotlessly clean but it is usually more practical to use new bottles.


Is there a minimum amount?

Because of the set up time involved for each batch, we would ask for a minimum of 20kg of apples. This will yield around 16 bottles. If you don’t have enough of your own to press then think of combining with friends and neighbours.


How much juice will I receive?

The juice yield depends greatly on the ripeness and variety of the apples but as a rough rule of thumb you can expect around 60% of the weight of apples in kg as litres of juice. So each 750ml bottle will on average need 1.25 kg of good quality apples.


Does it matter what apples we use?

Yes, very much so! Bruised and damaged fruit can contain a pathogen called patulin which isn’t destroyed by pasteurisation so it is important  to bring clean fruit, free from rot or  bad bruises. The juice will also taste far better this way. We will wash and grade the fruit you bring as a final quality control.

As for what variety of apples you use, that is very much up to personal taste. From experience, however, we would suggest that the best juice often comes from blends of different apples. If you combine  some sharp apples with sweet ones you are likely to be heading in the right direction. It’s a good idea to pop the rough ratio of each you would like pressed into a blender and then squeeze the pulp through a clean j-cloth. This way you get a good idea of what your finished juice will taste like and have the opportunity to tweak the blend.


I’m ready for squishing! What do I do next?

Book your apples in for pressing by sending us a message on the contact page or email us at


Happy picking!







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