Not all apples are created equally….. At Donhead, we know the the best cider is made from traditional cider varieties such as Kingston Black, Dabinette and Yarlington Mill. Cider apples tend to be smaller, less juicy and mouth-puckeringly high in tannin. Not much fun to eat but perfect for pressing at the peak of their ripeness and fermenting slowly over the winter months. Our ciders are then left to mature for several more months to allow the flavour to develop and the tannins to soften. Only then do we bottle or bag.


Donhead Craft 6.5% ABV


A late season blend of cider apples is the secret to our full flavoured craft cider. These stay on the tree until early November, when they begin their long slow journey to becoming Donhead Craft. We then gently carbonate our cider before bottling to help these flavours sing. But don’t take our word for it, the Guild of Fine Food awarded it Great Taste awards in 2015 and 2016! This cider has deep bitter-sweet flavours with a refreshing acidity making it a perfect accompaniment to charcuterie and roast pork.


Donhead Festival 6.0% ABV

Donhead Festival

Available in both 10 litre bag in box and handy 3 litre foil-fresh pouches, Festival is ideal for parties and gatherings of all sizes. Seductively still, but retaining the the full flavour of all our ciders.

Other festival ciders are available, but they’re not Donhead!



Donhead English Sparkling Cider 8% ABV


 A sparkling dry cider made by the Methode Traditionelle, it is perfect for a celebration or just a lazy summer afternoon. After a slow initial fermentation over several months our cider is then bottled with a little champagne yeast and rested for a further 9-12 months to develop its sparkle and take on its distinctive  toasty notes. The spent yeast is then disgorged by hand in the time honoured fashion before the bottles are topped up and sweetened ever so slightly. The debate as to whether the method was first used by West Country cider makers or winemakers of the Champagne region will run and run but we’re just glad that someone dreamt it up.

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